Tom Bronaugh: Blog en-us (C) Tom Bronaugh (Tom Bronaugh) Mon, 18 Feb 2013 15:23:00 GMT Mon, 18 Feb 2013 15:23:00 GMT Tom Bronaugh: Blog 120 90 New York City Feb 2013 We had a great trip to NYC. I took along my Pentax K5, of course. In my kit was 35mm f/2.4, recently purchased. Great for street photography giving 50mm focal length equiv on my camera. It's main problem is suffers from softness when open all the way, which is compounded by higher ISO at night. I should have taken the old trusty FA f/1.4 50mm., but I had to sacrifice for space. I also took the crazy wide angle 10-17mm f/4. Fun lens, chromatic aberration not withstanding. The other lens I took was the Limited 50-135mm portrait lens, approximately a 70-200mm on my camera, but much smaller than my actual 70-200mm, which is a large Tamron and gives a 110 to 300mm approximate focal length range. Ironically I sacrificed my extra lenses because we we trying to "carry on everything", but we ended up checking our luggage so I could have taken more. Over all I was pretty happy with the results, but I wont leave w/o the 50mm f1.4 again. 

I have discovered that its best to bump the ISO to get faster shutter speeds when cruising at night. you can always clean up noise in post processing. 


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organized - sort of The site was getting a little jumbled and confusing,  so I re-organized it, and I'm hopeful that it will make a little more sense now. I created several new Groups, which have multiple galleries in them. Client photos are separated from the rest, and are locked unless I've been permission to make them public. 

 Some photos obviously could be considered a part of several different galleries, so if I see one that fits multiple place, I'll copy it to there. Feel free to look around. 

Also I loaded a few new shots. In particular, I recently shot a few photos of the Confederation Bridge, that connects PEI to the mainland of NB. The light was just beautiful that morning, but  I'm afraid the photos just can't demonstrate it as I saw it. Such is often the case. Also included are some sun flowers on St. Peter's road, and an old truck that was the most cool color of grey-blue I've seen in a long time. Enjoy.



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A beautiful 1 year old photo shoot My last post described a great place for a photo shoot, on the north side over looking the ocean. Saturday we had a wonderful time with baby S, an extra cute 1 year old, and her parents. I'm hoping they will enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. If you know Kim and Jeff, perhaps they will let you on to the webpage where I have uploaded them, or maybe they will share on facebook.  I will be asking them for permission to load a few shots to the blog page for public viewing. Thanks Jeff and Kim for the opportunity!

I will say that, although I was generally pleased with the outcome, I wish I had a  "real" diffuser, instead of my homemade one. Although it worked OK, a store bought diffuser (which I have lost somehow),  definitely gives a more even lighting onto the subject, and illuminates the subject better over all. Also, I am still trying to figure out how one goes about using fill flash when using a large aperture in bright conditions. Using a large aperture in sunlight generally means a very fast shutter speed, and when you slow it down to 180 or less for flash - sync, it is to slow for the exposure and over exposure occurs. Short of buying a new camera that allows "high speed flash sync" (translation : $5000 + for the body only), I'm wondering if there is another way. Obviously you could stop down to a small aperture to get a slower shutter, but then it looks like a snap shot with infinite depth of field... Anyway, thank goodness for fill light in post processing!



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A Nice place to shoot, but the sun was harsh :( There are many beautiful spots on PEI, but here is a really nice shore area, perfect for family photos, or engagement/wedding / grad shots. I is on the north side near bayfield, PEI. The tall grass is very beautiful, monochromatic, and provides an instant prop / back drop/ added dimension/character, which I think would look great with nearly any clothing or skin tone. Granted, it won't last forever, but would continue to be available well into the fall.. The dark red cliffs and brilliant blue water behind provide a very nice background and color contrast/palate, which helps represent the island of PEI well. This was a a very sunny and mid-day shoot with no light diffusion at all. If someone had been holding a diffuser on the munchkins, , or if there had been any cloud cover, the photos would have been much better, although I was pleased over all. . I took these shots of my kids (often my impromptu models) , while on a blueberry picking excursion, as a tester for a possible place to shoot. I really like it a lot. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to show you the place, and even happier to do some portraits for you there! 

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Cape Breton,NS 2012 A  truly beautiful place to visit ! We will definitely go back in the fall. The trip was hampered by overcast days,  heavy misty clouds in the mountains, and generally bad landscape photography opportunities. So as usual I concentrated on the details. A fun time had by all.  We recommend the Cambridge hotel in Sydney if you stay in that town.

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Landing Day 2012, North Lake, PEI A beautiful day in North Lake, and the final day of lobster season. A long hard day's work indeed. Good luck to all for the remainder of the fishing season! Safe travels and best wishes...

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One Thousand Visitors! Hello everyone, announcing that it look as though I will get my 1000th visitor soon. If you are the the lucky number 1000, please send me an email stating that you are the one and only, and I'll send you an 11x14 print, of your choosing, on mat board, ready to frame, for free!



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Alex and Kayla Grats to Alex and Kayla MacDonald of Eastern Kings, PEI, on thier recent marraige. Here's few shots for the day... Thanks for the Limo ride!

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21 Breakwater, a new restaurant in Souris, PEI, Canada I'm proud to help spread the news- the  opening of a  new eating establishment, 21 Breakwater, in Souris, PEI. I am also very honored to be featuring a collection of black and white photographs which represent local subjects on PEI, and specifically Eastern Kings County. If you ever get the chance, please stop by and say hello to Pedro and Betty, the proud owners, and wish them well on thier new endeavor! Better yet, make a night of it for a great meal!


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My Pentaxian Kit Here's a current run down of the equipment I use, and my opinions so far on my kit. I've near given up on significant flash usage. Occasionally I'll just use the built in flash on the camera at -2 output compensation. I would rather just expose for available light if at all possible. I don't really do any studio work anyway, nor any desire to fiddle with those big flashes and umbrellas. . I'm a Pentaxian... I love having all those old lenses to chose from, and all their individual characteristics.

I did have a Sigma-A Macro 24mm f/2.8. I never should have sold it. It was a sweet lens. Here is a nice rose I shot with it. And here is my cat, up close. Both on the K200D. I might need to get this lens back. Not expensive, not AF, but who needs AF with macro?

Pentax K5- My new workhorse. Weather sealed, easy to use, and does everything I want it to. Some may say the K5 is not really pro level, perhaps not, I don't know or care really. Good quality at ISO 1600 or less. Over 1600 noise is a problem, but tolerable.  It does a fine job for me.

Pentax K200D- My first "pro-sumer" lens. I learned a lot on this. Weather sealed. High ISO performance not great. At ISO 800 or less its fine.

Pentax DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 (SDM).  A real beauty and very sharp. Super quiet SDM AF mechanism, good for cermonies, etc. My primary all around portrait/ mid telephoto. Highly recommended.

Pentax FA 100mm Macro f/2.8. Classic Pentax glass. Fast, great bokeh and wondeful 1:1 macro at a better working distance than a 50mm Macro. It is also an outstanding tele-portrait lens at about f/4 or so. I have used it a few times for still life and landscapes, but it the lens tends to compress and flatten the image, making it look a little odd unless you use f/8 or greater. It almost has a tilt-shift effect at large apertures. Every time I use this lens I'm more impressed by the results. I'll never sell it.

Pentax FA 50mm f/1.4  I just love this little lens. Very fast, great for low light stuff. Close focusing at about 12 inches or so. Outstanding bokeh when open. Very useful for portraits and all around application. It was the only lens I used when I took a trip to las vegas. Images available on my home page, really nice and usefull focal length. A great lens to have along if you only have room for one. Do I need this lens? No.... but what does that have to do with anything?

Pentax DA 10-17mm f/2.8 Fish eye. Sharp and useful for indoors and landscapes. At 10mm edge lines are very curved as would be expected. Not rectilinear, but edge distortion correctable in LR.

Pentax DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited. This lens is a beautiful oddball. Extremely sharp and fast to focus. Excellent portrait lens, especially for head and shoulders or waist up.  Also gives effective focal length of 105mm on APS sensor. Photos are absolutely beautiful with this gem. The big draw back is that it is minimum focus distance is about 1 meter or so. It makes it's usefulness in tight quarters a bit lacking. If minumum distance was more like the FA 50mm, it would be unbeatable.

Zenitar Russian 16mm f/2.8. Only cost $160 off ebay. Good bang for the buck I'd say. A weird little lens that has great  difficulty with CA at edges of high contrast. But I have  taken some very nice photos ( see "Ed's bike" gallery  photos) with it. Edge distortion is  worse than my 10-17mm at 16mm. Edge distortion and curves are correctable in Lightroom I think but I haven't tried it with this lens.

Tamron 24-70mm Di F/2.8. I really nice, fast (constant f/2.8) mid range zoom that won't break your bank . Very sharp and contrasty. Good compliment to the 50-135mm. Used a lot for gatherings, weddings, general portraits, especially if I'm doing families / groups. Also good walk around lens, decent for landscapes. It is not made for  APS sensors, so effective focal length is more like 40-100mm.  Not really wide enough for effective interior / architectural usage.

Pentax-A 28mm f/2.8. Just OK in my opinion. Not that useful in most cases. Kind of cool for indoors at parties and such. I don't use it for much else. Color and contrast are not on par with others in my kit.

Sigma-A f/2.8 50mm Macro  I stuck this in my bag with the K200D. I used it quite a bit before I got the 100mm Macro, which is superior and ahas auto focus. Still, it's a fine lens for macro work, and gives close focusing 1:1 ratio macro which is nice. I don't use it much now that I have the 100mm Pentax. I wish I had instead the wide angle 24mm version.

Pentax DA 50-300 Kit Zoom  I also have this tucked away in my K200D bag. I'm not really a big fan of huge super zooms that cover such a giant range of  focal lengths. But I bought it before I knew this. I have taken some decent shots with it, but in general I don't use it much except in bad weather, as it is weather sealed.

Pinhole Lens I bough this on a whim and rarely use it. Doesn't really give the "pinhole" effect I was hoping for. You need patience to deal with this, but it can be fun to play with. Common exposures are 30s or more.  See here an example. For the shot I opened the shutter, walked around and stood in front of the camera for 15 seconds or so, then walked back and closed the shutter. It was in winter with snow around. A ghostly shape of me is seen, headless... Since there is no viewfinder available, you just have to guess at the framing of the shot. Kind of  freaky. I'd like to do some more with it, never seem to find the time. I could probably get a better "pinhole " look with post processing in LR.  

WISH LIST: Pentax FA* 300mm f/4.5 ($800-1200). The reviews are stellar and I just have to get one some day. They are no longer in production, so you have to wait on a used one to come up for sale, and people to to hold on to them.  I also like the New SDM 300mm ($1500). The upside of the FA model is you can get it for under $1000 if you are patient, and it works out to more of a 400mm lens on and APS sensor, where as the newer Pentax 300mm is a true 300mm. Also it is not weather sealed.  . Going to save up for one of these.


I have also tried the Pentax -M 100mm. A nice lens but I like the "A" settting. Easier to get proper exposure. Not a bad protrait lens, but not on par with or as useful as the FA 100mm I have now. Also Minimum focusing distance was 1 meter or so.

Additionally I had the Sears-M for Pentax 135mm f/2.8. Pretty cool little lens, but again the full manual setting was hard to deal with. I thought that for the cost, and age,  the contrast and color rendition was pretty nice.







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